Help with A5ilx
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2015-12-21 01:59:15 UTC
After StreamSDK 2.5 installed, A5Ati and A5ilx of kraken-win32 complied without error now.
However, kraken-win32's immdiately reports an error at following place using A5GPU.dll output of A5ilx. (The A5GPU.dll output of A5Ati is fine to work, and got the wanted potential key).
/*kraken.cpp, around line 437*/while (A5GpuPopResult(job_id, start_val, stop_val, (void**)&frag)) { frag = (Fragment*)(*(&frag+6));//@pw added (adding line) frag->handleSearchResult(stop_val, 0);}
Without adding line (comments "@pw added"), frag points to an error place and report an "FFFFFFFF" error.
After comparing the output of A5GpuPopResult (in A5ilx) and return values of frag, It seems 24 bytes shift (6 shift of &frag type) should be added.
Here comes the questions:1) No key is ever found with A5ilx's A5GPU.dll.The att = mAttention[i] value in function A5IlPair::process() (A5Ilpair.cpp) is always 2, and implies no end_point found.2) After running the A5ilx version, A5Ati works unnormally and this recovers only after system reboot. There also seems to have some display problems in some applications.
I'am working with an old GPU (ATI Radeon 4350), win7-32bit.Anybody has idea what's wrong with it.
Thanks a lot.