GSMmap.org updated
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Karsten Nohl
2016-09-02 17:47:03 UTC
Dear Friends of Mobile Network Security,

We are happy to announce an update of GSMmap: https://gsmmap.org/

1. New countries added
- Armenia
- Belize
- Costa Rica
- Ethiopia
- Ghana
- Guatemala
- Libya
- Tajikistan
- Turkmenistan
- Uruguay
- Uzbekistan

2. Finally enough data to generate country reports for
- Algeria
- Cambodia (good example for a loooong way ahead)
- Philippines

3. Many countries updated thanks to fresh data

Thank you very much if you contributed data! [1]

Your -SRLabs mobile security team

[1] You can contribute, too, from your Android phone: https://opensource.srlabs.de/projects/snoopsnitch