Not getting DP after first round function
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Snehasish Kar
2015-07-14 06:36:00 UTC
Greetings! I am writing this with a request , I am a computer engineering student of Sikkim Manipal University,India. And I am working on a project on A5.1 decryption. I am able to generate rainbow table with a DP as last 12 bits zero ,one round function and 2^17 as chain length. However if I go by your references and increase my round function to 8 and reduce the sub chain length to 2^14 (total chain length remains 2^17=2^14 x 2^3), then what I see is I am not getting DP above round function 1. So kindly advice where I am wrong or missing something, If required I can share my c code with you.Looking forward to your reply.RegardsSnehasish