Kraken license
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Jan Hrach
2015-08-15 13:09:24 UTC
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I'm re-implementing A5/1 cracker to work with OpenCL, have a server-client clusterable architecture etc. as a school-project. I would like to publish the result under GPL.

A5/1-computing files are explicitly declared non-free (I'm not using them anyway), but the rest has unstated license. Namely, I would like the following:

- link Kraken/DeltaLookup.cpp with GPL code. The tables have undocumented format and rewriting block searcher from scratch would be a pain.
- edit Utilities/find_kc.cpp to support uplink (actually a 10-line patch) and distribute the edited result and its includes (preferably under GPL too, but I don't really care about exact license). Cracking uplink gives me pretty good results in networks where downlink randomization is implemented.